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Homework Help: Find Eqv force and couple at point

  1. Jan 18, 2009 #1
    Hey everyone, i'm really stuck on a review of statics for Solid Mechanics. I got through everything but this problem. I know there has to be two forces at point a if it's attached to the wall(Ax,Ay). I would say i'm stuck trying to figure out how I can move two forces that are unkown into a couple and another force... If I dont know the original value how is that possible?

    Any tips to jog my memory in the right direction?
    Problem below with pic.

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    This is a cantilever beam problem, and it is also statics problem, so the sum of forces (in x-horizontal, y-vertical) and moments is zero.

    If one has 3 equations and one should have 3 unknows.
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    Just break up F2 into its x and y components, and use the 3 equilibrium equations to solve for Ax, Ay, and the Moment (couple) reactions at A. Since numerical values for F1 and F2 are not given, the solution will be a function of F1 and F2.
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