Find someone's name from their driver's license number?

  1. Is it possible to look up someone's if I have their driver's license number?
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  3. Well here you can look up someone if you know their license plate number. Which country are talking about? So who is she?
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    If it is about a legal/civil matter one could contact the local police, but they may not be allowed to provide that information.
  5. I'm in Canada. This is not about a girl.
  6. One of my wife's maternity leave checks went missing quite a while ago, we thought we had it sorted out, and got the payment reissued. Apparently someone cashed the check, and now I have a copy of the check, upon which the person who cashed it wrote (maybe) their driver's license number.
  7. Go to the police with the matter.
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    Around here, all the State cops have computers in their cruisers, and they can ID you in no time with a driver's license #.
  9. Went to the police today, we'll see what happens.
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