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Homework Help: Find the minimum SOP function (Karnaugh map)

  1. Dec 23, 2011 #1
    first i hope is the correct forum to ask this kind of question.

    so i asked to find the minimum SOP function from the Karnaugh map (given in the picture).

    so i started to solve it as you can see in the picture.
    and this what i got:fsop=AB+BC+ACD'X' till here i think is ok.

    now this is all what i tried to do: AB+BC+ACD'X'+A'DY.

    hopw you can help me here.


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    What mean the AB, !C+Y, AZ, !AX, !X in map cells?
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    hey, i just solve it.

    i can know the value of A,B,C.

    now if i can know what is A,B,C. i get:fsop=BC+AB+ACD'X'+BDX'+A'DY

    what i did is first take all the "1" (if i can use with Phi so i also use it).
    then i take the Variables (if i can use here with "1" of Phi i use it.)

    thank you.

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