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First Order Circuits

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    Ok, lets say I have a first order circuit with i_s = Acos(wt+phase) (like in the pic).
    I'm having problem with the private solution, lets say I pick my private solution like this:
    i_p = Bcos(wt + phase) = Ccos(wt) + Dsin(wt) (right?)
    After I place this i_p in the equation I come up with this:
    f[C,D]*cos(wt) + g[C,D]*sin(wt) = Acos(wt+phase) (right?)
    Can I say
    f[C,D]*cos(wt) + g[C,D]*sin(wt) = Acos(wt)?
    I mean, How do I come up with C and D?

    10x in advance.

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    I'm afraid I'm not understanding your question. What is i_p, f[C,D} and g[C,D]?
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    You must develop [tex]Acos(\omega t + \phi) = A_1cos(\omega t) + A_2sin(\omega t)[/tex]

    Now, [tex]f[C,D] = A_1[/tex] and [tex]g[C.D] = A_2[/tex]
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