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First year engineering research project

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    HYE,CAN anyone give me an idea for first year engineering research project.
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    Dosen't Even One Person Have An Idea
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    What engineering are you in? That may help us think of an idea.
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    Is this project for any particular class or what? Does it have to involve any particular concepts? Does it need to be experimental or is it to show a concept?
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    in first year,we r taught only core subjects,and it should be a research project based on it.
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    You're not helping us to narrow down any ideas. What courses have you taken and what sort of detail of research are we talking about here? You have to have some sort of idea for what general area of interest you want to go in.
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    Core Subjects? That narrows it down to anywhere between The Illiad and Organic Chemistry to Volumes of Revolutions.
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    see,it need not be a workiing project,it could be theereotical also.For the range u may take it as anything without going well within the course of these different engineering subjects
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    why isn't anyone responding now?
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    Because you haven't given us an idea what general areas interest you.

    There are thousands (millions even) of projects and reports which could be researched and written.
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    I am interestd in physics,basically mecchanics and electrodynamics
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    please answer,I am really in need
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    As others have told you, ask yourself what your interests are. Nobody here knows you, your interests, skills, or abilities. As far as I can see, you could choose anything to research. I could tell you to go and research the manufacture of composite bike tubes, or to research fluid flow in car exhaust manifolds, but with no reasoning whatsoever. Please don't expect anyone here to instruct you in what you should study!
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