What is Granular: Definition and 15 Discussions

Granularity (also called graininess), the condition of existing in granules or grains, refers to the extent to which a material or system is composed of distinguishable pieces. It can either refer to the extent to which a larger entity is subdivided, or the extent to which groups of smaller indistinguishable entities have joined together to become larger distinguishable entities.

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  1. Viky1147

    A Granular convection (particle distribution) calculation

    Hi All, Am new here came particularly hoping for some guidance I need to calculate theoretically, how different types of particles (shown below) distribute in a granular convection Condition: Large surface or open surface Types of particles: 1) Low volume, Low density particle 2) High...
  2. A

    Granular Conveyor -- Granular Material acts as a liquid?

    My final year experiment involves vibrating a granular conveyor with the same amplitude at at different frequencies. (See picture for experiment set-up). Between 5-115 Hz, the glass beads bounce erratically. As soon as the frequency hits 120Hz or higher, the beads remain on the surface, and can...
  3. bgm

    Granular load factor statistics for the Palo Verde plant

    Hello all, first post. I'm interested in granular load factor statistics for the Palo Verde plant, and LF reporting practices in general. Reviewing the LF stats for PV in the PRIS DB, I'm a bit confused. The annual LF in 2002 was 102. PRIS indicates that 102 is a percentage. What I would...
  4. T

    Entropy in the Brazil Nut Sorting Effect

    In Brazil Nut effect /Granular convection the large grains move upward and the smaller ones go downward. This sorting is supposed to reduce the multiplicity of this system. But according to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy and multiplicity of the system should increase. I am looking...
  5. T

    A Flow in Porous Media and Granular Beds

    NOTE FROM MENTOR: The posts in this thread have been split out from a previous thread on a different subject. The current subject is flow in porous media. Thank you, Dr Chet. By the way, Have you ever touch the field of liquid flow or multiphase flow in the packed bed? I have some new...
  6. J

    A Viscous fluid in granular material (DAPL)

    I saw the DAPL news story about the oil pipeline and I realized I have no idea how to analyze the problem of a fluid flowing from a boundary into granular material (or however you would classify soil). Does anyone know of any book or website that discuss the governing (or approximate) equations...
  7. P

    I How do the concepts of "boundary"and"infinitesimal" interact

    How can something have a definitive edge if space can always be more granular?
  8. wolram

    I Experiment to Determine if Spacetime is Granular

    May be this experiment will be able tell us soon https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/04/160422115329.htm One of the problems to be solved in this respect is that if space-time is granular beyond a certain scale it means that there is a "basic scale," a fundamental unit that cannot be...
  9. wolram

    Granular space time and frame dragging

    If there were only one rotating massive body and a detector in the universe, would the detector be able to detect that body due to frame dragging, i am imagining the body acting on granular space time akin to a whirlpool, were space time is disturbed in a spiral motion. I am not talking about...
  10. E

    Trying to understand granular physics (includes fluid physics)

    So I want to know what happens when granules are subjected to forces while around other varieties of granules. My interest comes from two places, wanting to gold pan, and how sand surfaces from dirt at the edges of buildings. It doesn't make too much sense to me right now, I'm just having a...
  11. G

    Colliding Particles in Granular Material Flows

    Hello Everyone I am looking at equations of colliding particles in a granular gas and wondering how to calculate them. We assume that the grains are identical perfect spheres (in R^3) of diameter D>0, (x,v) and (x-Dn,w) are their states before a collision, where n ε S^2 is the unit vector...
  12. J

    Is Space Linear or Granular?

    For space to expand is it just able to 'stretch' to a larger size or must newly created space units be added?
  13. R

    What is the Angle of Repose for Granular Materials?

    For my coursework, i am investigating the angle of repose of granular materials. However, for my coursework to be. . . successful i need to prove or disprove a theory or an empirical equation which i can test. So far from my research i have not found a simple... or appropriate complexity theory...
  14. S

    Exploring Granular Flow and Flight Control: Advice Wanted!

    Hi everyone! I'm a newly admitted student for graduate studies. I'd been interested in Aerodynamics, especially in flight control, since I met with a professor who studies granular flow. Now I think granular flow is pretty cool and it's in its infancy nowadays. There are lots to discover and...
  15. wolram

    Unambiguous Quantum Gravity Phenomenology: Bonder & Sudarsky

    arXiv:0811.1229 (cross-list from gr-qc) [ps, pdf, other] Title: Unambiguous Quantum Gravity Phenomenology Respecting Lorentz Symmetry Authors: Yuri Bonder, Daniel Sudarsky Comments: Based on a talk given at the 40th SMP: Geometry and Quanta Subjects: General Relativity and Quantum...