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Fluid help!

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    Does anyone have any links that can explain everything that has to do with fluids...

    Such as:

    Bernoulli's equation
    Flow rate

    Any help would be appreciated, i just cant seem to grasp this concept
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    Well, I guess that really depends on what you're having trouble with. Wikipedia has always been a good starting point for me, but we'd really need to know more about where your understanding is currently for us to be able to help.
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    Im mostly having trouble finding different pressures for example like in a tube filled with mercury and water..... and also finding flow rates. Im pretty sure this is with Bernoulli's equation
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    That's a very vague question and your subsequent answers don't really say much about what you are actually struggling with. You could spend a lifetime trying to learn everything about fluids.

    Anyway, based on what little you've said, I would suggest starting with Pascal's Law.
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