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Fluid in a rolling can?

  1. Sep 9, 2009 #1

    I was thinking the other day of two soup cans of different types(one cream one consomee) rolling down a slope. I was thinking that the non-cream one (consomee) will always roll longer, but was surprised to find out that past a certain angle the cream soup was going longer. By longer I mean the distance from the end of the slope.

    So I did a bit of research and I found out about vorticity, and that's about it. But what I was really wondering is how is the energy imparted in these cans, and what is going on in there. Also why exactly did the cream one roll further for high angles?

    To give you an idea of my level of Physics, I did take an AP Calculus course and I am currently taking AP Physics, so I can understand harder math and some vector calculus. The reason I posted this question in Advanced Physics is because of the AP courses which are more or less like first year courses.


    PS:Is there some kind of Mathematical Model for Maple or Matlab? OR even just a mathematical model by itself?
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