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Force question

  1. Feb 1, 2008 #1
    We did a lab where we had to measure the mass of a weight that was hanging from an air track which pulled the glider through two timegates positioned above the air track.

    I have to find the force of the hanging weight. F=mg my first mass was .27004kg and the gravity is obviouly 9.8m/s/s.

    So do I use F=.27004kg * (9.8m/s/s)
    F= .27004kg * (-9.8m/s/s)

    Do I put the negative sign with the gravity as the force is downward with the hanging weight????

    Thank you
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    The - sign only indicates a direction. So you can leave it as +ve once you remember that putting g as +ve says that the downward direction is taken as +ve.
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