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Formula HELP!

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    Okay, I was totally brain dead during class a couple days ago, and I didn't take notes on anything!

    So my question is what is the formula for FORCE?!?! :surprised

    Yep, I am stupider than you all think!
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    That's sorta like asking What's the formula for speed?

    There's no one formula for force. Instead, there are many relationships which involve forces, and each relationship can be represented with many different equations.

    Perhaps you should give us a little more information: what sort of problems are you trying to solve? Where are you getting stuck?

    - Warren
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    chroot is very correct in pointing that out. Force has many different equations depending on what you're trying to find and what you're given, if anything. Here are the basic equations for net force you probably should have written down in class :wink: :

    F=ma, where F is net force (in N), m is mass (in kg), and a is acceleration (m/s^2).

    w=mg, where w is weight, m is mass, and g is acceleration due to gravity (9.80 m/s^2 or ~32 ft/s^2).

    The two equations are the same thing in essence, just depending on what you're being asked for. Let us know if these aren't the ones you needed or need more help.

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