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Forum writing time limits

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    Is there any automatic forum time limit when you are writing or editing a blog post? I tend to get a bit paranoid when I'm writing/editing. I looked for an answer but could not find any.

    Also, could someone please remind me what the time limit is when writing a standard forum post? (I think there's a time limit, right?)
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    The simplest solution to "time-limit paranoia" is to use an external text editor to compose your posts offline, and paste them into the forum's message-composition window when you're ready.

    I've never had a problem with time limits, but I do have problems with occasionally losing a post because I hit the wrong key while typing, or I swipe my finger over my mouse the wrong way, and lose the message-composition page entirely. Therefore I use TextEdit (because I happen to be on Mac OS) for long posts.
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    There is no (relevant?) time limit. After 15 minutes without any activity in the whole forum (can be another tab...), you get logged out, but if you set your browser to save your data you get logged in again automatically as soon as you submit your post.

    At least for Firefox, there is a nice extension (Lazarus form recovery) - it saves form data, so you can restore it if it gets lost.
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    I'm not sure what our current time limit for editing is since it's been changed several times. I think you have close to 24 hours now to go back and edit a post? I'm sure someone will know exactly.
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    Do you mean a time limit to come back and edit a post, or getting timed-out while writing a long post?
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    700 minutes.
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    So it's less than 12hours. I thought it was 24 ://
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    Thanks everybody!

    Thanks, jtbell, I think that's a good idea - I usually do that when I write something longer, but I could start to do that always - it should get rid of my paranoia!

    Thanks, very good to know, I did not know that! I will try that extension.

    I meant getting timed-out while writing a long post (the time limit to come back and edit a post doesn't bother me at all). When I joined the forum I somehow got the impression that you'd lose what you had written if you did not post within a certain time after you had hit "New Reply". Even though I don't think I've lost anything due to this, it has kept on bothering me like a little nagging feeling I can't shake.

    But I think the suggestions from jtbell and mfb will remove my paranoia. They should at least. Hopefully... :biggrin:.
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    If you're using your own computer, and nobody else uses it, here's another way to get around the automatic log-out problem. When you log in with your username and password, tick the "Auto-login" box next to your password. This keeps you logged in on that computer (on that browser), even between sessions, and even if you turn the computer off and on again, until you explicitly log out.

    The "Auto-login" box probably sets a cookie in your browser, so it won't work if you've disabled cookies.
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