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I Found a Planck value that relates to classical gravity

  1. Sep 29, 2016 #1
    Hello, I was researching the Planck Constant values and decided to build a math software to scan for potential values that relate to permittivity of free space and permeability of free space and found one of the 2010 CODATA values (specifically the Magnetic Resonance Imaging value). Can I get some feedback on whether it may relate to actual physics? I'm still new to physics and studying quantum and classical concepts. The following relates to an 8 dimensional N-Sphere form:

    h2=4πc2 16/625 1/3π4(ε/π2)7

    so that h=6.626 0724(80)e-34 which matches the magnetic resonance value from the Wikipedia page on "Planck Constant"

    so that a gravity relates to Planck:

    G=625/16 (1/3π4μ7)/(hc2μ2)

    so that G=6.674 06(09)e-11

    And together they make a 4 dimensional to 8 or 6 dimensional form:
    G=1/(2π2(h/2π)3) x (ε)2/(3π3c5)2

    The question is whether there is anything to those equations, I've been staring at them for months now and unsure what I'm looking at but don't want to just throw them away if there is some correctness to them? Thanks, Devin Wintch
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    No, that's numerology. Look long enough and you can find lots of numbers that are similar.

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