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Homework Help: Fourier coeffiecient

  1. Nov 11, 2012 #1
    I am dealing with problem that says f(t)=ƩFn.exp(inwt) . f(t)=f(t+T)

    show that if f(t)=f[t+T/2) then Fn is zero for odd n?


    I wrote formula for Fn=1/T∫f(t).exp(-inwt) and then just replace f(t) by f(t+T). but I do not get anything, I do not know how I should approach this problem.
    Any help would be highly appreciated?
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    Try using f(t) = f(t + T/2).
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    First change f(t)=f(t+T/2) and then calculate fourier coefficient?
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    Problem is solved.Thanks.
    is there anyway to mark post as solved or answered.
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