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Free alternatives to symantec goback

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    Are there any free/open source alternatives to symantec's GoBack?

    GoBack is a software which allows you to switch to a previous point on the hard drive. So if for eg. you accidently delete important data, you can easily revert back to a previous state of the hard disk.
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    Doesn't Windows XP have restore points? Also, why don't you backup your data?
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    I don't know about Windows XP restore points. Is there anyway to restore the data using them.

    My data is already backed up. It's only that I am performing a large download and in case something goes wrong (as it has once already), I want to be able to revert back.
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    I have no idea the capabilities of the windows xp restore feature.

    What I do on linux is make an image of my partitions using the dd command. The images then get copied to a remote computer on the network. I also sometimes burn them on DVDs.
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    XP Restore only recovers system states such as settings and drivers, it does not to my knowledge recover any data.
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