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Frequency Generator for Hydrogen System

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    I am looking to create a power supply for producing hydrogen. According to claims with a 17-22Mhz signal going into stainless steel plates spaces 1mm apart you can achieve huge output with only 12V input (car battery) my attampts at crating the power supply have failed the setup i tried using was a astable NE555 timer into a 2N3904 transistor into another 2N3904 transistor into a 2N3055 and i have also tried IRF 520 and 620 with no success. This system if perfected has the capability to run a car completely with water on demand meaning no expensive storage equipment or generating systems. the entire system can be built by anyone with little experience and correct schematics for around 500$ This could have a tremendous impact on our lives. So anything anyone can contribute would be greatly appreciated Thankyou.

    Attached are a couple of attempted setups.

    Austin Bank

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    What I have to contribute is that this thread will likely be locked soon. What you are describing is utter B.S. Water is not a fuel source. What you are describing defines it as the fuel source. Nonsense like this is not tolerated on PF. If you want to rephrase your question and leave out the part about running a car on water, you may get somewhere. However, now that everyone who looks at this thread knows what you are attempting, they will likely try to talk you out of wasting your time building the posted schematics.
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    Actually this is a proven technology that only has to be refined and produced. I have seen many working models of this or similar systems in operation doing many different tasks from just a simple flame to running cars, furnaces and treating sewage. See link [crackpot link deleted] Conventional electrolysis consumes way to much current to become useful in any mobile application. But this Technology splits the molecules basically by agitating them with a set frequency.
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    Oh and one last thingi have already built these schematics they do not preform the needed operation. What i need help creating is a pulse generator that uses a high speed transistor to send a square wave pulse set at say 20KHZ into two or more stainless steel plates. Any tips as to what parts what order anything would be helpful to allow me to piece together this system.
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    Well, you're wrong about one thing, Averagesupernova - I'm not in the mood today to try to explain anything to someone who doesn't want to learn. I really don't understand how people fall into the crackpottery trap, though: the idea that some little company has a device that violates the known laws of physics (and they acknowledge that on the site), and it actually works -- why would people accept that?

    The laws of physics and the chemistry of this subject are very straightforward. If you decide you do want to learn them, steelaustin, we can help.
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