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Freshman in an electronic engineering program

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    I'm a freshman in an electronic engineering program in university. Throughout the course we're supposed to learn how to program using C. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to learn C++ on my own instead. From what I gather, C++ is a superset of C however I've also been told that some hardware can strictly be programmed only using C. Is this true? If yes, are there any C ebooks/books that you suggest I use to learn C?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Programming

    I use C a lot for embedded system real-time programming. C++ would probably work as well, but the embedded systems I work with use a real-time extension of C, so C++ is not an option.

    The standard textbook for C is K&R. The first edition left a lot to be desired, but the current edition is very complete and userul, IMO:


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    Re: Programming

    C it is then... Thanks for replying berkeman
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    Re: Programming

    C and C++ are similar, it might be useful to pick up C++ later on.
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