Fresnel's Formula & Ether Drag: Resnick Book Confusion

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Little confusion regarding one line on Resnick's book! This says light dragged by refractive medium ok but how 'by the ether'? In the rest of the topic he says ether is stationary with respect to the observer(i.e. not dragged along by the water and that is how the Fresnel's exp. was explained).


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I cannot be sure becasue the passage comes from the middle of a discussion and I am missing the surrounding context. Since no one has leapt in with confidence yet, let me offer something that might help: the Wikipedia discussion of aether dragging.

The Wikiedia discussion says Fresnel concluded the aether is partially dragged by a moving body of the refracting medium, and I see how that is consistent with equation 1-12. If the "this result" refers to equation 1-12, I am not seeing how agrees with the underlined sentence.

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