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Generator questions

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    hey all :)

    i'm completely new to the electrical game, but i'm very interested in this, however only as a hobby. i'm doing my best to learn as much about this as possible so please excuse my stupid questions.

    ok so i'm interested in building a generator to power my home in case of outages. i could buy one, but it'd be much more fun to build one, right? :biggrin: ok i already have everything designed, but i will be using a dc alternator so i'm going to need to convert this to ac obviously. so i'm going to use a power inverter to accomplish this (unless there is another way?). since it's going to be hand built i would like to try to build one of these as well. i've already found a schematic for this, but the max output from this particular design is 1kw. i'm looking for an output of ~5kw, the more the merrier though. my question is, could i run these inverters in parallel to achieve this? maybe somebody can provide me with a schematic to build a larger inverter if not. like i said, i have no idea about any of this really, but i would like to do this. another question i have is that if i was to just buy a large inverter, i would obviously have to run a larger wire for the input, but how much larger?

    any insight, advice and direction is much appreciated.
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    Running inverters in parallel is possible if you synchronise them. If you are off by a few degrees in phase, then you can blow them up.

    Building a 5kw inverter is a different ball game. You have blow the schematic of a 1 kw inverter out of proportions. If are you new to electronics I wouldn't attempt building such an inverter as a first project.

    Here is a list of different wire gauges, and how many amps they handle

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