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Homework Help: Genetic variation question

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    Recall that some traits, such as skin color, appear to be controlled by several genes. This creates a continuum of variation. If this polygenic explanation for the inheritance of human skin pigmentation is correct, how do the skin colors of the following 4 individuals compare? Which of the couples could have children with the widest range of skin colors? Couple 1: aaBbCC and aaBbCC; Couple 2: AaBbCc and AaBbCc

    My thoughts: Create a punnett square for each gene to find the probability of dominance at each loci. Would the couple with the widest range of skin colors be the couple with the largest phenotypic dominance for all 5 genes?
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    What must the parents have to produce offspring of AABBCC? aabbcc?
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    Each parent must have a copy of the dominant or recessive allele but that can't happen with the genotypes they have.
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