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Homework Help: Genetics Questions

  1. Oct 9, 2007 #1
    I am not sure about how to solve this one:

    In a particular species of moths, the miniature gene is located on the Z chromosome; two alleles are known: the recessive allele m causes homozygotes to have a small wing phenotype, whereas the dominant allele M confers a normal wing size to the carrier. The spotting gene is also located on the Z chromosome, and maps 10 cM away from the miniature gene. The recessive allele sp causes a spotted wing coloration in homozygotes, wheras the dominant allele Sp results in uniformly coloured wings.

    In the cross between a heterozygous male moth: M sp // m So and a female that has normal wings and uniform colouration (M, Sp) what phenotypes would you expected to see in the progeny and how would those phenotypes be distributed (in percentages of total)?
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