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Homework Help: Geomerty-Isoscoles Triangle

  1. Feb 12, 2006 #1
    Given an Iscosles Triangle with defined angle "delta". The other two angles are equal and bysected by the radius of a circle. Continuing the rays of the radius and two equal length sides of the triangle yields two equal angles "theta"a. I need to show that "delta" = 4*"theta"b - 2*"theta"a.

    My work:
    I assume that this is supposed to be two rays of light passing through a drop of water without any refraction.

    I need to know whether "theta"b is the angle on the other side of "theta"a, or is it the other "half" of the bysected angles.

    Its been too long since Ive done geometry, and I did not have a good professor
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    You description is rather diffucult to follow.

    Could you provide a diagram?
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    how do you provide a diagram?
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    If you have a scanner, then scan the diagram you were working from. Start a new post (reply to this thread). In the page you then goto, you will be able to upload a file.
    If you don't have a scanner, then use a graphics/image editor to draw the diagram, save it, then upload it.
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    nevermind, I figured it out... Thanks for the help anyway Fermat!
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