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Homework Help: Geometry: I want to understand some points

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    What is my unknown (say x) if I am finding the value in which an arc of a great circle 10 units long recedes from its chord? (given radius R and angle alpha?)

    Here's my figure as an attachment...

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    I am guessing, you can express R = xR + (1-x)R where (1-x)R is the height of your (isosceles) triangle and xR is the bit from the chord to the circle.
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    What do you mean by "recedes from its chord"?
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    HallsofIvy, seems like the arc is moving away from its respected chord (form by the two enddpoints of the arc)

    My friend told me that x = R - R cos (alpha)... I wonder why....
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    He has given the greatest distance between the arc and the chord i.e. the difference of the radius and distance of the chord from the center
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