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Going into a depression(not serious just venting)

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    I got a freaking 6.5/10 on my online mymathlab test! I hate that damn thing! I knew the material perfectly but somehow i just managed the choke! The professor said he is going to give 11 online quizzes and take the best 10.... so its like i didnt take any at all but still.... i now have to get A's on every quiz :(

    Aside from that, i feel like i kind of don't understand my bio class, and its just all frustrating!

    The reason im stressing so much is because my cumulative GPA is at a 3.12 right now... and if i get all A's on my 4 classes ill have a 3.4 and then apply after this semester to U of I champaign, and if i dont get all A's ill have a mere 3.2 or 3.3 and i feel like i wont get accepted... I know its only been a week but im dying of stress already!
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    Whatever happens, happens. It is the truth. Go for shooting 10's on your quizzes but don't be disappointed if you get 7-9's on your quizzes man. I kind of went through the same ordeal not too long ago. The quiz was very easy I knew everything, but missed one crucial part and I did something very silly that I should not have done...We all go through it. If you get 10's on all quizzes, I applaud you! If you don't that is fine because we will go through these obstacles. Quizzes, and especially exams, make people do things that they regularly wouldn't do (happened to me plenty of times). I trust that you will be fine and know your stuff. As long as you realize your mistakes and learn from it. Mistakes are necessary to improve your scores.

    Good luck!
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