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Good book for undergrad optics

  1. Jan 26, 2013 #1
    Iam a highschooler starting grade 10 this year . i have been reading undergrad texts for some time now . i need a good book for OPTICS . any ideas or suggestions
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    Try Optics by Hecht. Easily available in Low Price Editions by Pearson.
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    I suggest an introductory textbook if you are only a high schooler. Hecht is for those who already have taken an introductory sequence in physics which generally covers mechanics, E&M, and Waves and Optics. It also assumes a knowledge of vector calculus and differential equations. An introductory text such as Halliday or Tipler along with a supplement such as Vibrations and Waves by A.P. French will be sufficient.
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    thank you everyone for your help .
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    Can you go into detail of why this book is giving you trouble? I ask because there is a possibility that I might have to take my Optics class from the physics department instead of the EE department and I know they use this book.
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    Pedrotti and Pedrotti, "Introduction to Optics" (I guess now it's in its 3rd edition) is a good starting point if you prefer a simple exposition. What I liked most of this book is its cleanliness. It gives a fairly basic introduction and is a good starting point for moving to more 'complete' texts, like Guenther's and Hecht.

    Also, you might want to consider an accompanying low cost introduction to modern optics: I believe no book can beat Fowler's "Introduction to modern optics" (published by Dover, it's really cheap), a masterwork of synthesis and clarity. Do check it out, it's worth ten times its price.

    Edit: Just checked out Fowler price: at 10 bucks it's worth twenty times its price.
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    thanks everyone for thier suggestions.....:smile:
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    Well, some of the trouble I'm having has to do with the class itself... It is the professor's first time teaching the course and he is very unorganized and jumps all over the book. Also, I've only just finished the intro physics sequence so I'm used to having my hand held through each chapter, and I'm not as comfortable with some of the mathematical notation such as complex manipulation of sinusoids. So keeping this all in mind...

    Now to the actual book itself. There are absolutely no example problems as you are working through the chapters other than the problems at the end of each chapter. Some of the problems have worked out solutions in the back which helps but I would suggest getting getting the schaum's outline for optics. It goes along nicely with this book and has plenty of extra problems worked out. It has helped me tremendously...
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