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Good history of physics book?

  1. Mar 23, 2012 #1
    Can someone suggest a good introduction to the history of physics, possibly not a tome but even not too simple. About 300 pages, with some formula, with intro to the basic concepts.
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    Are you looking for a history book or a Physics text? The 2 are not the same, you will generlaly not find much physics in a history book, and very little history in a physics text.

    A good history book is "In Search of Schrödinger's Cat" by John Gribbin
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    I'm looking for a history book. One that describes the conceptual developments of physics from Galileo to QM (but not only on QM) to the layman (but not too much, some formula say derivatives and integrals and average technical level is ok).
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    I have read some good reviews of "the evolution of physics" by Einstien, although it appears to skip the math altogether (and one would guess it doesn't cover QM).
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    At a non-technical level (no equations), I'd recommend The Arrow Of Time by Highfield and Coveney.
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    "Great Physicists" by Cropper
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    "Humanistic Perspectives for Introductory Physics" by Hasan Padamsee

    will meet your criteria, but I assume its difficult to find. Try your state-wide library exchange network. A phenomenal and not at all "tome-ish" or "poppy" book is

    "Time for Science Education" by Michael R. Matthews.

    The latter is what secured in my heart a passion for the history of physics.
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