Good intro electrical engineering textbook?

  1. Hey,
    I'm currently in an intro to EE course, and our textbook is horrendous (Hambley's Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications). Does anyone have a suggestion on a better alternative that provides a lot of practice problems/answers?
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    Berkeman, the moderator for this forum, recommends

    "The Art of Electronics" by Horowitz and Hill

    as a good intro level book.
  4. berkeman

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    Thanks NoTime. The AofE is more of a basic electronics textbook instead of an intro EE text, though. I still recommend reading it cover to cover no matter what you are studying in electronics, though. And I fround out about it because it was in the textbook bookshelf of a buddy who went through MIT.

    To the original poster (OP) -- what subjects are you looking to find an augmentation text fo within EE?
  5. I tried reading through AoE once, but it was way over my head.

    @Berkeman - None in particular, just a better intro EE book as a whole. The textbook I'm using now has really poor examples and very few practice problems.
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    It's been forever since I took Intro to EE.
    I don't know what they cover nowadays, but then it was mostly about voltage, current, resistance and the mathematical relationships between the three. Plus how to use some test equipment.

    If you have had no prior experience with these concepts they can be tough to comprehend.

    Perhaps if you post a question with what you think about the particular item you are asking about.
  7. we used Electrical Engineering Uncovered.. book was ok - try that out.
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