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Good textbook on electrical engineering?

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    Could anyone recommend me a good introductory text on electrical engineering? Something similar to the "Resnick and Halliday" of Physics, except it should instead be for electrical engineering.

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    You would need to be more specific.

    R & H uses a pretty elementary level of mathematics, Electrical Engineering needs a much higher level than this (this is not a criticism of R&H).

    Electrical Engineering also draws on many supporting subjects besides mathematics.
    Normally you would have several supporting books XXXX for electrical engineers. R&H tries to tell you what you need to know about supporting subjects ie it tries to be comprehesive.

    I do not know of an Electrical Engineering book that attempts to be as comprehensive.

    Electrical Technology by Hughes

    is a good basic book at about the same level as R&H, but wiht the comprehensive proviso.
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    What's the next best thing that's out there?

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