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Grad school: what can I study with a B.S in CS and Physics?

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    What fields can I get into with these two degrees?
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    Vanadium 50

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    That would be CS and physics.
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    Some engineering programs welcome students with Physics degrees. Computer Engineering would be convenient for you. However, you probably have to make up missing courses the first year.

    Many other fields are open such as Mathematics (again make up classes), I know physics undergrads who went to Economics for graduate school.

    And obviously anything Physics related.
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    That's what I'm interested in. I want to know how broad my options are outside these two fields.
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    My buddy went to Masters program for Econ with very little preparation, so I'm not sure about the PhD in Econ.

    Finance programs also take physics undergrads. Out of that, I am not sure what else although I am sure there is.. Google around for a bit, you might find your answer =D
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    What about astronomy?
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    You can go into almost any science.
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    Of course. Astronomy is a big part of physics. It's one of the sub-fields that alot of grad students go into. (Astronomy is a bit different from Astrophysics but its similar in the big picture.)
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    Great, thank you for the answers.
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