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Grammar (ref index/indexes/indices) and appendix quesrtion

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    1) when i have more than 1 liquid, do i say "I'm going to measure the refractive index of these liquids. These liquids' refractive indexes..." or "..refractive indexes.." or "refractive indices of these liquids"?


    If i have to write an appendix, is it standard to do for example, appendix 1 for a list of URLS, appendix 2 for table of results and 3 for graphs or something?

    or is it just 1 appendix?
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    Some say "they aren't using their brains" and some say "they aren't using their brain". But one could say "they have brains but aren't using them" but could probably not say "they have a brain but aren't using it", although one could say "they each have a brain but aren't using it". I think this other use is a case where the word 'each' has been dropped, but it is probably incorrect.

    So I think it would either be "... the refractive index of each liquid" or "... the refractive indexes/indices of the liquids". I think this second use is called 'plural quantification', but I couldn't tell you more about it.
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    I'd say go with multiple appendices. Appendix 1, Appendix 2, etc. Separate appendices would be clearer for the reader.

    I'd also say go with the "refractive indices of the liquids are measured in this experiment" or "The refractive index of each liquid is shown in Table Z" I think "indices" is the best for plural use. I've never heard of using "indexes"... but it could be because I'm a dumb American, maybe the English think differently. :uhh:
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    "...these liquids' refractive indices..." is correct, and so is "...the refractive indices of these liquids.".
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    I'll stick with refractive indicies!
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