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Graphing noise (mathematica)

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    For my time series and spectral analysis class i need to graph something like in the attachment. i need to have 100 numbers that are connected like that, and then 'add' them to a sinusiodal wave to create a real life wave - with noise.

    How would i do this using mathematica??

    I can easily generate a whole bunch of random numbers with ranging values but how would i make it such taht all the numbers are in ascending order and go from 0 to at least 2 pi?

    would i use numerous Random[x] and then arrange them (how?) in ascending order??

    Please help!!

    Thank you in advance for your input

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    any ideas people??

    graphing random numbers and then 'joinging' them seems to be a good idea here... is that possible with mathematica though?
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    Look up the function Sort.


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    I have no idea what you mean, ascending order. From what I can tell, there's no correlation between the time and the value, which is rather the definition of a random variable. You're not going to add the random values to the angles going into the sine function -- you're going to add them to the outputs coming from the sine function.

    Just compute a table of sine values, one for each point of interest. Next, add a random value to each entry in the table.

    - Warren
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    now why didnt i think of it that way

    in fact tahts what my prof said too

    im just silly

    thanks a lot :biggrin:
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