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Homework Help: Gravitational force between 2 protons

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    1. Calculate the electric force between 2 protons in a nucleus that are 5*[10]^{-15} m apart. Compare this with the gravitational force between them.

    2. Relevant equations
    F(sub g)={GM(sub 1)M(sub 2)}/r^(2)

    G=6.67*10^(-11) Nm^(2)/kg^(2)

    Mass of proton=1.67*10^(-27)Kg

    3. The attempt at a solution

    i computed the gravitational force between the two protons, i think, but the asks why might they make you wonder why the protons dont fly apart. I think i may have computed the gravitational force wrong...

    also how do make the formatting buttons work so i can show my equations and haphazard work?
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    Have you shown that the two protons attract?! Have you also calculated the repelling force of the two positively charged protons at the same distance?

    As far as formatting is concerned you can use such html things as [ sup ]2[ /sup ] for superscripts (x2), [ sub ]1[/ sub ], for subscripts (a1), [ b] a [ /b ] for bold face (a) etc.

    You can also use "LaTex" using the [ tex ] and [ /tex ] tags. You can click on any LaTex equations to see the codes used or click on "quote" to see both the latex and html codes. Finally, there is a "LaTex tutorial" in the tutorials section of the Science Education forum.
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