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Homework Help: Gravitational potential energy

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    A 70.0 kg skier rides a 2860 m long lift to the top of a mountain. The lift makes an angle of 14.8° with the horizontal. What is the change in the skier's gravitational potential energy?

    What equation would I use to solve this problem?
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    First of all since the lift is an inclined plane, there is a horizontal and vertical component when 2860 is the hypothenuse

    find the vertical component

    vertical component is now the dH is dU = MG dH
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    i don't understand what you are saying. What is dU and dH?
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    dU = the change in gravitational potential energy

    dH = the change in height


    dU = mgh2 = mgh1 = mg (h2 - h1) = mg dH
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    Remember the trajectory doesn't matter for the gravity potential energy, only the change of height.
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    You know the mass, the unknown is the height.

    If the hypotenuse of a triangle is 2860 meters long and the angle is 14.8 degrees what is h?

    Then mass x height = potential energy.


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