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Graviton has a spin of 2

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    The graviton has a spin of 2. So, that means the graviton can take possible spins: -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 ? Just want to make sure since, for a photon, even if it's spin 1, it can only take two possibilities, i.e. -1 and +1. 0 is not allowed.
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    Well, not really. The P-F field has 2 degrees of freedom in 4 space-time dimensions and thus the eigenvalues for the helicity operarator are only +2 and -2.

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    Do you know why the 0 is not allowed for photon? For similar reason the
    (-1,0,1) are not allowed for graviton.(massles field,Traceless 2nd rank symmetric tensor rep of Poincare group).


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