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Homework Help: Gravity on other planets

  1. Jan 24, 2005 #1
    The planet Zond 4(made up) has a mass which is one third the mass of the earth, and a radius which is one quarter of the earth's radius.

    What is the accelerationdue to gravityon the surface of Zond 4?

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    Don't you think is better to turn over your physics book before you post? What you need for this problem is a very, very elementary equation. Search your book and give us some equations you find appropriate for this problem. After that we'll find a solution!
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    If you are doing this for the sake of physics :biggrin:, and don't have the textbooks (otherwise you might have posted on the homework threads), then I'll give you a start.

    The gravitational field strengh equation

    [tex]E_{g.field}=4\pi G \frac{m}{4\pi r^2}[/tex]

    Use kilograms and meters and plug in the numbers. :wink:
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    Well of course he is! Didn't you hear about the recent discovery of the planet Zond 4? :rofl:
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    Haha, yes of course!
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