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Testing GRE Exam

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    I was in Borders the other day for something, and behind the counter I saw a book, GRE Exam 2005 (comes with cd rom). Does anyone know what that is?

    It really got my attention and since they had one on the shelf I left with one. It looks like test preparation for some type of test.

    My gal pal is the only one so far that knew what it was. She flunked it, but she is schiz part time. I thought it was cool that she even knew what it was.

    When I saw GRE my mind of course red it as ERG and of course I had to take it home :devil: I'm glad I did. It seems to be a test help for foreigners. I am a native Californian however I would be a foreigner in Canada. I wonder if this test is offered in BC. Silly question I know but I had to axe.

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    GRE = Graduate Record Examination. I swear some universities ask US students to take it, I'm not sure. See www.gre.org for more info though.
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    !Thank you very much :smile:
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    In the US, the GRE is to grad students (those seeking a Masters/PHD) what the SAT's are for undergrads. Most schools will require a current GRE school along with your application to study there in a graduate program.
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