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GRE Guides

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    Could anyone recommend any study guides worth purchasing in preparation for the general and physics subject tests. I'm a 4th yea MPhys student (UK).

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    Well yeah, but I was hoping someone would have a few recommendations based on experience.
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    GRE Verbal - Vocabulary test (kicked my butt)
    GRE Math - Simple math, but watch out for trick questions... know that X^2=4 can have two solutions; understand the different types of numbers, and review the rudimentary geometry formulas; use trial and error if you get stuck
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    barron's guides
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    The Kaplan book with a CD was helpful. I went through the review modules on the CD and felt pretty well prepared. On the verbal section, I swear that the test is making up words as you go (knowing Greek and Latin is more effective than knowing words in general).

    That was my only preparation for the GRE. I ended up with a (630V.800M), which is about as good as I was going to do with my limited Greek and Latin background. The Kaplan CD was money well spent. Good luck.
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    Greek... Latin... o_O

    I thought it was supposed to test your English? (Gulp) :(

    Hmm,well I started taking some of the tests on www.Number2.com some of the words they test you on you probably have never used or will ever use in the course of your life. But latin/Greek that's a bit worrying.

    I'll check out Barron's and Kaplan's guides.

    I didn't think the math section would be that basic. But seeing as though it's on the general paper and people from other disciplines will be taking it I guess it makes sense.

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    The GRE tests your knowledge of English words, but you have a better shot if you know the common Greek and Latin roots. There were many words that I had never even seen before, and I had scanned through the words on the Kaplan review CD. That's why it's helpful to be familiar with Greek and Latin. Hopefully I didn't scare you too much.
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    What about the physics subject test - how difficult is that?
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    The difficulty of the test really depends on your preparation. You may want to check out past copies of the exam.
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    I have a couple of practice tests... And I read that when you apply for the test they sand you a practice test.. where can one obtain the past papers?
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