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Particle Group Theory book for Undergraduates

  1. Aug 5, 2016 #1
    what are some good books to learn group theory for physicists at an undergraduate level?
    Is Zee's Group Theory in a Nutshell good?
    Thanks in advance
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    That A. Zee is a well versed and talented writer of textbooks is of no doubt. Maybe his brand new book on group theory is even better that the other 2 he wrote (on QFT and GR). If I were to choose the group theory book for my preparation for QM/QFT/Particle Physics, I'd pick the old book by Wu Ki Tung. "Group Theory in Physics", World Scientific, 1985.
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    Thanks for the recommendation!
    I have only read a chapter from Zee's book on Relativity and found it to be really good. That's why I am asking about his new book.
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