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Gun T-Shirt was a security risk

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    Gun T-Shirt was a "security risk"

    Words fail me...


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    That's it, I've had enough of stupid people. I'm moving to St. Kilda
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    I remember in elementary school we weren't allowed to wear billabong shirts because of the word bong within the word billabong. Not being allowed on an airplane for shirt with cartoon gun on it... wow. I could *almost* understand if it was a picture of a plane blowing up. But uhh...
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    Not far enough, I'm moving to a moon base, just need a little more funding to get the project under way...

    Wow moose, that is so sad. I got away with making smoking pipes in sculpture class... IN THE NORTH GA MOUNTAINS! Haha! I can't believe I actually made and fired them! The administration would have crucified me (no religious pun intended :wink:) had I been caught...
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    And it wasn't even Southwest this time. :uhh:
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    It was first reported on theregister where a very nerdy member pointed out that the transformer in question is optimus prime - one of the good guy transformers.

    My favourite TSA moron story is still taking the 'ninja throwing star' off a pasenger.
    The fact the throwing star was a congressional medal of honor and the passenger was wearing a general's uniform didn't deter him.
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    :rofl: I hadn't heard that one yet. I wonder if these incidents happen with new trainees who are over-zealous in performing their job, or if these people really have stayed on the job that long being morons.

    In contrast, while stuck in an overly long security line in AZ (because the airport is designed like crap forcing everyone changing terminals for connecting flights to go back through security rather than being transported through secure areas), one of the TSA agents there was hilarious. He was trying to get everyone to get ready before going through security so the line would move faster, so was going through all the obvious stuff like only being allowed liquids, gels and pastes in 3.4 oz or 100 ml or less in a 1 qt bag, and yes, toothepaste is a paste, it says so right in the name, and if you didn't have a bag, one would be provided for you for free so get one, etc., and then said something like, "If you hold up the line because you didn't listen to what I just told you, you will be forced to sit on the plane next to a crying infant that's not yours." (A few parents in line joked that they had an infant to offer. :rofl:) So, it's amazing how you can get TSA workers who have a great sense of humor and are good at keeping lines moving and try to help everyone along, and then you can get such morons who think a cartoon on a t-shirt is some sort of security threat.
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    Haha Sky Harbor used to be amazing. I still like it, but it definitely used to be a lot better. I remember once standing in a 3 hour line at sky harbor... ugh. I still don't know why a domestic line would be that long, but whatever. All the workers I've ever encountered at sky harbor are really nice, which is probably why I like it...
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    Horror of horrors! :rofl:
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