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    How much does a teaching assistant earn each month ? Thanks
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    Depends on where you live and what subject you're teaching. For chemists in georgia, I know it's somewhere around $18,000.00 annually. Yeah, not very much.
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    Depends, I was paid $600 a month in the early '90's while earning my first masters and was only making $1100 a month when I finished grad school in 2001 at anohter school.
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    thanks, i think 18000 is much enough for a year. I spend only 9 p/day and on average 3285 p/year, that means I spend only $5555 /year for only food and $2000 for clothing, $1000 for books, then I still have $9445 in my account.
    I will use the remaining money for TRAVELING !!!!
    What do you think ?
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    Keep in mind that living costs are higher in some places than others, and salaries tend to vary accordingly. Most universities in the US probably pay their TA's and RA's enough for basic living expenses in their cities.

    I don't have any direct experience with current conditions, but when I was a graduate student about 25 years ago I shared an apartment with another student, didn't own a car, and wasn't into nightlife or partying, so I was never short of cash. I was even able to travel to Europe twice, staying in hostels and with friends and relatives.
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    Thank you!
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