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Head Loss

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    If you have 3 pipes of different diameter flowing into another.. what needs to be true for the head loss in the 3 pipes to all be equal?

    ie Hf1 = Hf2 = Hf3

    Cheers. :S
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    Hi Scott,
    I think what your saying is that you have 3 pipes that flow into some common point in a piping network, but not sure what you mean by the head (pressure) loss of the three being equal. Are you saying the three branches also have the same (higher) pressure at some location upstream?

    The point at which they converge will be at the same pressure for each branch, so you have a 'node' at a given pressure at this location. What else are you attempting to find out?
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    hello scott!
    i think that total head wil be same everywhere according to bernouli"s equation.abt the head loss is that it need to be equal as they r meeting at same ponit
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