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Health-Related Topic for Electrical Engineer

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    Hello everyone
    I'm glad to type my the first post in this great forum.
    I'm about to write a report (1800 words) about a health topic this is related to electrical engineering. So, do you have any suggestions?
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    Good morning Hesham, welcome to Physics Forums.

    I note your title is health - not safety - and electrical not electronic - engineering.

    This brings to mind the health effects of various 'chemical' products ( solder and other heavy metals, insulation, resins, etc) used in electrical engineering.

    go well
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    jim hardy

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    and where we'd be without electric power

    still living in dark ages, consuming only what we could produce locally and bathing only in warm weather, drinking from rivers.
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    You could talk about image processing and DSP techniques used in medical imaging
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    Thank you all for your responses.
    I'd like to add that the report is acceptable to be about any branch of electrical engineering but it must be under the theme of health.
    I'm looking forward for hearing more from your good ideas!
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    I know there is a lot of active research in bioimpedance measurements.

    Say an EMT in an ambulance needs to quickly see inside someone's arm that might be broken but don't have big expensive x-ray equipment. They could use a device that can insert needle electrodes through the skin and into the muscle and actually image the inside of the arm based on the bioimpedance to find fractures in the bone.
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    You could write about various electrical techniques of food sterilization such as exposure to UV light or a high voltage electromagnetic pulse, or medical instrumentation like an Electro-Cardio-Graph or Electroencephalogram. My favorite would probably be neural prosthetic therapy which can be used to treat (experimentally) blindness, paralysis, and lost extremities.
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    Thank you for all your appreciated contributions!
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