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Heat Transfer Application examples of using fins

  1. Dec 14, 2016 #1
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    Im struggling a bit with this problem. (uploaded) Unbenannt.JPG

    I dont know how to sketch the equivalent thermal circuit for any of them. Does it have to look like anything like that? TZL111_Effective_Thermal_Fig_2.jpg
    the thermal circuits are for b) parallel connectd right? and for aswell?
    And im getting wrong answers for a). Shouldnt it be like this?
    Q= he*Ab2*55 + 1/((1/hi)+(Lb/kb))*Ab2*55
    or are they all parallel? like this Q=Ab2*1/((1/hi)+(Lb/kb)+(1/he)) .
    My first thought was that the heat rate dissipating on the chip side is the same as the heat rate on the board side. why is this thought wrong? im confused :D
    thank you for your answers
    Best regards
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