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Heat transfer problem solution needed for a circular co-ordinate.

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    Everyone i am new to this forum..the reason why i am here is a problem, i really want to discuss here.
    I am working on a thesis on optimization of a circular fin.
    But i want to know how can i start to solve the heat equation. the preferred method to solve the problem is Numerical method(Finite difference Method).
    Now the main problem is the grid generation in the circular surface. Please someone tell me how do i generate the grid...
    hope i will get some quick response.
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    Big project if as you say, your knowledge of heat transer is so basic. For a circular fin you will need a polar coordinate system, each node should have a slice of the ring with dimensions dr,d[theta],dz, multiply them together gives you the volume of the node. Multiply that by density to get the mass of the node. Need to check resistances for annulus heat transfer as the equation changes (cant remember what it is) but it is related to a log relationship.

    Yes the only way you will solve the heat transfer equation is using a numerical analysis. Its a pde that you will not be able to solve by hand.
    Make sure you understand more straight forward nodal analysis first before you go on to the circular fin.
    I have the matlab code for something very similar if you are interested, however if you knowledge of matlab is limited, then i would advise against it. Do your analysis in excel probably.
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    I have to solve the problem using finite difference method.
    I have already converted the equation of PDE into finite difference form.
    Now problem is the grid generation how can i generated the grid to solve this problem.
    pls help..
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    would you please share your solution in matlab.I will be grateful to you.Please............
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