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Help finding good books/websites

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    I just recently graduated with my bachlor's in mechanical engineering. One of the possible career paths I'm heavily considering also does much work on the electrical side of commercial building. Basically since I'm an ME my electronics skills are a bit rusty and I'd like to start brushing up on these skills as well as the lingo/language used with in this field before I actually start (they also offer classes to aid in this but I'd like to start out now). So if anyone has any good websites or books they may be of aid to me I'd truly appreciate the help.

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    Any suggestions? It be much appreciated...
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    Buy a copy of the current version of the NEC.

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    Go to http://ocw.mit.edu" [Broken] and go through some of the EE courses. Some even have video lectures. Also, I remember Berkeley had a few good video lecture sets for EE. I forget the url, though.
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    join orkutcom, its an online community and than search for Engineer Books, lots of websites with alot of books
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    I agree. It's pretty boring reading, but it's the bible for commercial electrical installation rules and practices.

    This is the basic electronics book that I recommend:


    Read it cover-to-cover, and you will have a good, practical understanding of basic electronics (both analog and digital electronics). It's one of the common 1st year EE texts.
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