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Help! How many is enough to get you banned?

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    I have noticed that I have been receiving a large number infractions, and I just wish to know: "How many infractions is enough to get me banned". I cannot find where the limit is, I just want to know if I should leave before I get banned, or keep asking my questions on this forum. And why do some infractions last longer than others?
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    See the Disciplinary Actions paragraph of the "Physics Forums global guidelines" which are "pinned" near the top of this forum, for a description of the infraction points system.

    Some kinds of infractions incur more points than others, and/or expire after a longer period of time than others, because we consider those infractions to be more serious. Also, repeating the same type of infraction is likely to escalate the number of points and/or extend the expiration time.
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    Thank you jtbell. I guess I had over looked.
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    I suggest that you start listening when you are told repeatedly to stop breaking the rules, that is why you have received infractions.
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