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Help - Industrial Production

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    I´m doing a research for a report on industrial production of any compound, i say any, because we have to choose one compound and write a detailed production process and the equipment it´s needed to make that particular process happen, the thing is, me and my friends have done plenty of researchs on google and yahoo and the scientific search engines available through the faculty and we only find vague information like physical properties of the compound or whatever. I´m sure that the available magazines at the faculty library contain at least some information and we did research on these, but they have tons of paper wich makes it hard to search, so i´d like to know if someone knows any good site that contains information on the production process of some (or just one) compounds that could post it here, or give me some information where to search.

    I already e-mailed a refinery asking for information on the production process of the aromatic compounds, but i´m still waiting for an answer.

    The work can be about compounds like paper, nylon, phenol, caffeine, soap, beer....

    I would be very appreciated if someone could help. I explained what i have researched already cause i know about the home-work rules here and this is as a last resource.

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    Anyone? Thanks.

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    Do you have access to EBSCO or similar databases?
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    One of the most famous production methods is the Haber Bosch process. It is used in making Aspirin, fertilizer and explosives, or anything that uses ammonia for that matter.

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    Thanks for the replys.

    In fact me and my friends managed to find out some information on yahoo or google on the explained process of the industrial production of sulfuric acid and we are doing the report about that.

    We also used the sciencedirect.com database, wich i wasn´t aware of its existence until like two days ago lol, and it was pretty usefull. I don´t know if we have access to that database enigma and i can´t access the library´s site right now to tell you that as it seems to be down for some reason, and i´m not very aware of the available databases as last year, i think, i was searching something on one of these DB and it wasn´t very easy to do it lol and i eventually give it up until this last days.

    Even that my report doesn´t use that process Njorl, thanks for the information.

    Thanks once again.

    Rui Monteiro.
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