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Homework Help: , help me to solve this problem

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    plz, help me to solve this problem

    hi, how r u guys? i'm a new member of this site. i couldn't solve this problem that given below, can anyone help me to solve this problem kindly?

    "two tiny conducting balls of identical mass 'm' and identical charge 'q' hang from nonconducting threads of length 'L'. Assume that 'thita' (angle) is so small that 'tan thita' can be replaced by its approximate equal 'Sin thita'.For equilibrium find the 'X' where 'X' is the separation between the balls.
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    We'll be happy to help you! Just show us what you have tried and where you have difficulty so we'll know what kind of help you need.

    And, by the way, don't post the same question repeatedly! It doesn't help.
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    Doc Al

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    Here are some hints:
    (1) Draw yourself a diagram of the balls and threads.
    (2) Identify all the forces acting on one of the balls. (I count three forces acting.) Draw them on your diagram.
    (3) Apply the conditions for equilibrium: The net force on each ball must be zero.
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