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Homework Help: Help me understand this grapgh and the answer

  1. Nov 18, 2009 #1
    A plot of a graph describes the potential energy of a particle, due to the force exerted on it by another particle, as a function of distance. At which three regions (Q), (W), (T) would the magnitude of force on the particle be the greatest? and why?




    The answer Is (W)

    I answered (T) because I thought it had the greatest magnitude and being the farthest (+) value on both the y and x axis[/COLOR]
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    If the force is repulsive, as in like charges, then potential decreases with distance, and W would have the highest potential. If the force is attractive, as in gravity or opposing charges, potential increases with distance, and T would have the highest potential.

    The problem statement doesn't specify if the force is repulsive or attractive, so it really can't be asnwered as worded.
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