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Help on project title selection

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    I was given 2 weeks to select a title that encompasses or solves problem of a poor community and implement a demo with in the specified time.All I can think of is solar energy which the others have already proposed for.So please help me on finding an appropriate thechnology for this community. thank you!
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    Well, think about basic survival stuff, and how a poor community might have trouble obtaining essential things, and think about ways that technology could be used to help....

    Like, list some ways that technology could help with the following things:

    ** Water supply (potable water)

    ** Food distribution

    ** Shelter

    ** Medical care

    ** etc.

    Brainstorm 3-4 technology-related things for each category, and then do a little research into each thing that you've brainstormed. I'd bet you'll be able to come up with some good ideas that way. Have fun!
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