Calculators HELP! Ti-89 Titanium Frozen

  1. So, here's the situation. I recently got a Ti-89 Titanium, and i was trying to put some games on it. I had it plugged into my computer, and i sent Phoenix, Tetris, and Falldown over to it. Going through Var-Link and selecting the program didnt seem to work, so i decided to try downloading an OS. the OS i downloaded was DoorsOS. I sent the OS over to the calculator, and it still didnt work. After a couple tries, i got "DoorsOS" to appear on the line, and i hit enter. This froze up my calculator, leaving a busy icon in the lower right, and an "Address Error" at the top. Removing batteries and putting them back in doesnt seem to work. What can i do?

    Additional Information: pressing second and the green key seems to work, but i cant get any other buttons to register. Removing batteries is the only way to shut it down, and when i put it back in again it just continues the freeze error.
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  3. I'm new here but it you know you should never put games on your TI's. Sometimes the games can backfire and lock up your calculator. I would try taking out the batteries for a day and then putting them back in. If that doesn't work I really don't know what to tell you.
  4. if you take out the batteries, theres another battery in there for the memory, under a screw panel i think. one of those circular 1.5v ones.
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